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PoINT Storage Manager - Archive Edition

The permanent storage of all data on primary hard disk systems is obvious, but is not a permanent solution due to the always required capacity extensions.

A sensible solution is to displace and store long-term information on non-shared storage systems as secondary storage for archival purposes. In addition to removable media such as tape and optical, which are particularly well suited for this purpose, the outsourcing and archiving with cloud-based services such as Amazon S3 or Microsoft Azure is interesting.

The PoINT Storage Manager - Archive Edition offers an optimal solution by automatically displacing data to be archived to secondary storage in the context of a two-level Hierarchical Storage Management (HSM) architecture in order to relieve the primary storage. The main advantage of this solution is that the access to archived data continues via the file system of the primary storage and thus is transparent. Expansions of the expensive primary storage are therefore less necessary, and the available primary storage capacity can be used optimally for active data. The archived files are provided with a WORM protection and are thus protected against accidental and deliberate modifications.

In addition, the backup volume of the primary storage to be backed up is considerably reduced, because only the directory entries need to be backed up for archived data. This results not only in a saving of backup media or the reduction of the backup storage space, but also in a considerable reduction of the backup / restore times.

Archiving - more than a chore

Archiving, however, should not be seen as a necessary fulfillment of duty, as archived data is usually valuable information for the company and can be used, among other things, to optimize business operations. However, this requires direct access to archive data - which the PoINT Storage Manager - Archive Edition enables via the primary storage system. Important information will be found as usual and will be available whenever you need it.