Infrastructure Monitoring for Cloud,
On-Premise and Hybrid Environments

This is why companies choose Panopta.

No matter how much infrastructure you have to monitor, Panopta works seamlessly with your team by unlocking the power of a SaaS solution while maintaining superb accuracy and security.

The Power of SaaS

Bring the power of a scalable, in-the-cloud monitoring solution to your monitoring.

Built for Teams

Teams today need tools that work like they do and with Panopta we enable teams to use the system in the way that works best for them.

Security and Accuracy

Security and accuracy are paramount in any monitoring solution because they're the basis of trust.

All the monitoring technology you need in one system.

Panopta’s industry leading monitoring network of public probes along with our virtual collector and server agent all work together to give you a complete picture. With all the benefits of a SaaS solution and secure deployment in private networks, Panopta is the best choice for your team.